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The Secret Sauce to Being a Kick-A** Leader

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Have you ever been in a meeting with someone, sat on a board or collaborated with another organization and said to yourself man I wish that person was my boss or now that's a leader aspire to be? What is their secret on why their team members are so productive and high performing? Have you ever reflected on why you feel that way? In this episode we are going to discuss the difference between a good leader and a great leader....I'm going to give you the secret sauce to being a kick-a** leader in under 10 minutes, and here's a hint, it's not because they don't like people!

Let me ask you this, have you ever found yourself in a situation when you are leading a team where you say to others - Seriously, why can't they just do the job they are paid to do, their professionals they don't need to ask me all the time OR I'm not here to be their friend I don't have time to have a 30 min conversation about life before we start the meeting? Sound familiar? Have you ever taken a few minutes to ask someone how they are doing and truly want to know the answer?

Have you ever noticed that other leaders who always seem to be chatting around the water cooler with their team members often get better results than you? There's a reason for that, they give a sh*t about their people and not only do they give a sh*t they learned the secret sauce to being a kick-a** leader that we share inside this video a long the way.

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