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Roadmap To Being a Toxic Leader: Toxic Boss Signs You Need To Know

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Ever wanted to know why your team doesn’t come to you when there are challenges, team engagement is low, and output is even lower? You may just be a toxic leader, in this video you will see toxic boss signs and ways to avoid them. No one ever sets out to be an a-hole, bully, demanding, micro-manger and non-empathetic you say……WELLL yes, some do, and some believe that behavior works, and they are the best leader ever, unfortunately they also promote a toxic work environment. Often signs and symptoms of toxic leadership comes with being an inexperienced leader that has had little leadership training or leadership training gone wrong and they end up being a toxic manager at work.
So, if YOU aspire to be a toxic boss or a bad boss, get little respect from your team, have high staff turnover, promote a bad work environment, and just overall be a toxic manager, this episode is for you. I am going to give you a complete roadmap to being a toxic boss: 5 steps to take now. Good news though, if you don’t want to be a toxic boss, this episode is ALSO for YOU as you will learn exactly what you DON’T want to do, and if you recognize some or all of these 5 tactics, it’s okay, you are in the right place! Hit the like and subscribe button above so that together we can flip the script and create the leader you want to be. In an upcoming episode we will discuss how to be the leader you want to be.

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