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How to Implement a Fully Distributed Virtual Workforce Model Successfully

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Have you been struggling with what the future of your team may look like? Do you spend time wondering if they are working or just clocking time when they are not in the office? Does your team want to go back to bricks and mortar after being out of office for almost two years? What does this mean for the future of a team? How do you implement a new model? Where do you start? How do you ensure equality amongst the team?

In this episode I'm joined by CEO of D4H Robin Blandford for a discussion on mission critical steps of how to implement a fully distributed workforce successfully and what he sees as what's to come with hybrid workforce challenges.

There is so much gold in this episode you will want to watch till the end.....find links below to all the tools Robin has used in moving his workforce to be fully distributed and his prediction of the future of in office, remote, hybrid and fully distributed workforce models.

💥 Defining workforce models: In Office, Remote, Hybrid and Fully Distributed
💥 The Inequalities of Hybrid Workforce
💥 In Person Retreats: No Work Just Social
💥 Managing Fully Distributed Teams
💥 Stop micromanaging minutes and start measuring outputs
💥 Tools to Implement a Fully Distributed Workforce Successful and How to Use Them
💥 Stop The Insanity of Virtual Meetings - Be Intentional - How To Set Up
💥 How To Care For The Team When They Are Anywhere in the World
💥 Expectations, Clarity & Processes
💥 Your Responsibility As A Leader

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