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Fun Leaders Are NOT Always Effective Leaders

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Being a leader is a lot like being a parent.....Wait, say what!? Do you want to have a GREAT team or a bratty team? If you're the fun leader ALL the time you WILL have the latter and funny leadership are not always effective.
What Daryl? In this episode we discuss the top reasons why fun leaders are NOT always effective leaders and why fun leaders often struggle.

Being a leader comes with responsibility, yup I know, no one likes adulting but that's the honest truth. There are tough things that leaders need to do and it's not fun and games all the time. Difficult conversations, performance management, administrative tasks, budget. etc... there are always tough decisions to be made and no matter what trickery you use there are always team members that struggle.

Unfortunately there is no silver bullet to being an effective leader, but there are things you can do to find the balance....an remember don't be a task master, but don't be just the fun leader either.

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