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Conscious Leadership for Entrepreneurs: If We Don't Care For Each Other Who Will

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Have you ever thought businesses make the world a better place? That they influence positive change? Or do you think they are just out to make the almighty dollar, drive luxury vehicles and take beach holidays? Well in this special episode I sit Alex Brueckmann, founder of the Free Summit, Legacy: The Premiere Strategic Business Event (Feb 1-3/22, brueckmann.ca/daryl) entrepreneur extraordinaire and humble as they come to talk about conscious leadership for entrepreneurs: if we don't care for each other who will. Alex talks about his experience as an entrepreneur and the generosity of thousands who have made and continue to make a huge impact to millions of people globally through their generosity.

✨ As entrepreneurs we have voices and we can lead to positive change
✨ Stakeholder capitalism is alive and well
✨ Not only how to do well, but to do good
✨ Conscious leaders for entrepreneurs
✨ Become curious - you don't have to have all the solutions but educate yourself and be curious
✨ Surround yourself with likeminded individuals
✨ Give back; build a legacy
✨ The most valuable give back an entrepreneur can afford is time

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