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10 Reasons Why Leadership Can Suck

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Yes! You are now at the top. All those things you aspired to do for years you can do with no one in your way. You're the nice person, you can focus more, less paperwork, and so on....SO WRONG. Here's a reality check for you, actually 10 reasons why leadership can suck, and just like adulting is hard so is leadership!

In this episode of Leadership Unscripted I'm going to give you some of the hard truths and factual info that if you don't actually do when you become the leader, as well intentioned as it might be, can actually do more harm than good to you, your team, your leader and those under your leadership and guidance.

Here are some of the highlights of 10 reasons why leadership can suck......warning #truthbombs inside:
💥 You now get a masters in going to meetings
💥 You can't say what you are actually thinking, you are expected to have emotional intelligence at this stage
💥 You don't get to be the fun person all the time, YOU own unpopular decisions and difficult conversations
💥 You are accountable for ALL the things not just what's directly in front of you
💥 Your boundaries that you are so proud of......GONE
💥 It's inconvenient
💥 You just can't make decisions outside of work hours any longer

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