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Discover the leader within with this podcast

If you want to level up your leadership skills, this is the podcast for you! I enjoy listening to the episodes. Daryl is a great host, asking thoughtful questions at the right time. Keep it up!


This guy had been a leader in nothing but crisis. Therefore, I wish I tuned in earlier... would have been more effective. Not going to miss an episode. Thanks for making things clear. Doesn’t matter what field of work you are in. Golden nuggets in every episode. Will use what I learned, ongoing. Thanks so much.

Not just for “leaders”

Full of real world examples that tell you this guy’s seen some things and has plenty of actual experience to draw from. This podcast also delivers some great practical info for everyday life, too - managing your stress response, connecting with others, understanding motivation, approaching difficult conversations - all using a little humour and A LOT of authenticity.

Simple and actionable

Not all simple things are easy. Daryl’s perspectives on leading from within challenge me to think about what we know but do not apply consistently. He’s insightfulness is concise and inspires action!!!!